Moores can repair or re-trim any make of vintage and classic car. We understand the care and sympathy needed to retain the vehicle's original state, and with the many material samples we hold in stock, chosing the right colours could not be easier.
We can also re-trim classic commercials, as well as motorcycle and scooter seats.

1933 ROVER 10.

This is how the cars' interior looked when it arrived at Moores. All of the original interior was stripped out and thrown away before we could save it. The seats were all that was left.

This is the front seat, stripped down ready for rebuilding...

...and this is the finished seat in beautiful red leather.

The rest of the interior was re-made using photographs as a reference, with new panelling, woolcloth headlining, wool carpets and leather seats.

V8 Daimler. New carpet set, headlining and seat refurbishment by MOORES.